Monday, November 11, 2013

Why I Joined the Gym

Every personal finance blogger or expert out there will tell you to quit the gym. Workout from home! Run outside! Well, I went against everything they promote and joined a gym last week. And I admit that I'm writing this post while I eat a chocolate chip cookie - so you might not even need an explanation of why I need a gym membership!

This isn't my first rodeo with a gym membership. My family has been members of Lifetime Fitness since it opened ages ago. And almost every time I've moved, I've joined a gym. When I moved back home at the beginning of the year, my parents didn't charge me rent but they did require I join Lifetime again so it would motivate my parents to workout with me. At the steep price of $75/month, it wasn't ideal but if that was my only rent I could swing it. That definitely changed the minute I moved out, though.

I'm on a tight budget with some pretty big financial goals, so I completely understand the reasons not to join a gym. But I did some research and found a more affordable option at LA Fitness and they were even willing to waive my enrollment fee when I told them I was rolling in the dough. So for $35/month, here's why I'm ok paying for the gym.

* I work remotely and live alone. Sometimes I have no reason to leave the house at all and it makes me bounce off the walls after a while. Being able to leave the house and interact with people is big. Sure, I've started volunteering and I babysit regularly but having a place to go that fits into my schedule and gives me endorphins is a very good thing.

* I live in Minnesota. I will never be one of those people that goes on a run outside in -30 degree weather with astounding windchills. Sorry, no run is ever worth it to me, especially with my asthmatic lungs. Nope, never. And thanks to asthma, running outside in the spring and fall is a crap-shoot thanks to my pollen and tree allergies. I'm a real treat.

* I like instruction. I love taking classes of all sorts to get me in shape. If left to my own devices I give up within 2 minutes for one reason or another. But listening to someone telling me what to do and how many reps to do and the peer pressure of staying for the whole class works wonders for me.

* My knees are miserable so many of the at-home workouts that include lunges are a no-go. Being able to access an elliptical, bike, pool, and many classes that are more knee-friendly are more my deal.

* Endorphins are the best. Who couldn't use a little extra happiness everyday?

* It's only $420 for a whole year. That's only 1 month of minimum payments on my student loans so it won't make a huge difference in paying off debt and my health is important. As much as I want to own a house and have my debt gone, I need to have a well-balanced life. It's an affordable activity that I can do any day of the year and debt is not important that staying healthy.

* Did I mention I'm writing this while I eat a cookie? Yeah, my pants are a little tighter these days and I'm starting to live in anything with an elastic waist. Not exactly the best way to get back into the dating scene! Plus, the more I enjoy wearing the clothes in my closet, the less I go bat shit crazy at the mall with my credit card...not that that ever happens...

So it starts tonight with Zumba & Yoga! Here goes nothing!

Also - shout out to my friend Laura - Happy Birthday love! I love that you have an 11/11 birthday and I hope you have an extra special day! xoxo


  1. You go girl! We joined a gym a couple months ago for very similar reasons- I NEED the motivation to go, do classes, use good equipment etc. I just can't do it on my own! Good luck girl, I know you'll be rocking it!

  2. I used to be a member at Lifetime and I loved everything about it except the price. Maybe once I graduate I will look into more affordable gym memberships.

  3. I miss meeting up with you at LTF!! :-( BUT I am happy to hear that you're back at it at LA Fitness. Enjoy those classes!!

  4. I totally agree with all of your reasons.