Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Credit Card Got Posessed!

So I had a goal of saving $515.47 this month to hit the $3,000 milestone. By Friday evening after babysitting I had this goal beat. I suddenly got a little cocky and thought I could hang at the mall while waiting to get new tires Saturday morning.

Then something came over my credit card and it kept swiping itself through machines and filling my closet with so many pretty things. It was possessed, I swear! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

It started at Express where everything was Buy One Get One 50% off. Plus, it found a coupon to save $25 off for every $75 I spent. It happened to be one of those days that everything fit well and there were several occasions for each thing I tried on, turning everything into must-haves. I swear I started the day not needing anything! I got some great deals and felt like I was nearly stealing from Express but $200 later I was in timeout.

I sat down at Caribou Coffee to read my book and brainstorm about a volunteering session earlier that morning. But after 20 minutes my credit card grew a pair of legs and ran to the Gap. It bought me two pairs of jeans at 30% off because it was worried I was getting a little frumpy in my leggings and sweatpants routines.

Finally, Tires Plus called to say my car was ready! On the way out of the mall my credit card jumped into the arms of a winter jacket. It claimed my current jacket was old, bulky, and anything but cute. It didn't want me to hate winter any more than I already do. And it was 30% off. My card refused to leave without this coat so I didn't have much choice.

To make matters worse, my tires cost more than I was quoted and had budgeted for. And then Tires Plus charged my card 4 times for my $521 bill. That was fun disputing.

Needless to say the progress I had made with saving money flew out the window. When my spending hangover wore off I came to my senses and returned 3/4ths of what I bought. I have plenty of jeans, my winter coat still works, and I didn't really need those sweaters. My credit card has been removed from my wallet and is in safe hiding. There are great advantages to having a credit card but when you can't manage it well, it's not worth it!

My priorities haven't changed and I'm disappointed I let my old shopping habits creep back in. Fortunately I still have 2/3 of the month left to sort things out at hopefully still reach the $3,000 savings mark!


  1. I just had to get tires so I feel your pain there. Sounds like your credit card had a fun day while it lasted, good thing it came to its senses and returned most of the things.

  2. I need to get tires within the next couple weeks and am dreading it!