Wednesday, November 13, 2013

$35 Grocery List - Week 3

Another easy week! I'm starting to wonder if I should challenge myself more?! But I'll admit I had some advantages. I had events that included dinner each night last week, which eliminated a lot of need for meals (thank you babysitting and business dinners!). So how did I make out again with an "easy" budget?

Salmon was on sale so I purchased a large piece to bake for lunches, combined with brown rice and green beans. Yum! More apples with peanut butter for breakfast. Then the rest was just extras for random things down the road. I completed the ingredients to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies sometime soon, mozzarella cheese because it goes on anything, brown sugar for marinades, and frozen broccoli to quickly add a veggie to meals. BOGO string cheese makes a perfect grab & go snack and there are endless uses for the eggs.

Everything was on sale and I came in under budget! The best part was that most of the sales were at one store, making this week a one-stop-shop!

Sorry it's sideways and blurry but it reads that I spent $30.71! I used the leftover to buy a cheap pizza for Monday Night Football, obviously.

Next week's grocery list has a little twist to it. It has changed the way I look at dinner and just made my life a whole lot easier! Can't wait to share it with you!


  1. Way to go for staying under budget. I think it gets easier to do so when you have started to stock up on items that will last you longer and can be used in multiple dishes.

  2. Good job!! Have you ever tried shopping at Aldi? Seriously way more bang for your buck!! Let me know!