Monday, October 28, 2013

This weekend I...

It's another Monday and I'm excited to kick ass and take names this week! But first I want to recap the weekend, especially since I got to meet the lovely link-up owner this weekend!

...did the Monster Dash with Lauren, Jess, Syndal, and Bridget! We might have froze and had 20-minute miles but it was a gorgeous fall day to people watch!

We were the Minneapolis chain of lakes - I'm pretty sure that idea wins for originality!

...babysat both Friday and Saturday night for adorable twin boys. Man, twins are a handful, proven when I arrived Saturday to find one of the boys had broken his arm that morning! The exhausted boys slept most of the nights and I had plenty of time to read - best gig ever!

...had time! My schedule stays pretty packed but I enjoyed two lazy afternoons with Legally Blonde, Property Brothers and lots of football! It felt great to set aside my to-do list and relax.

...enjoyed visiting my parents and puppy for Sunday night dinner, a load of laundry, and the Vikings/Packers game. I am so very thankful because just a month or two ago we weren't sure if days like this would exist for our family again.


  1. you guys look so cute with your "chain of lakes".

    Puppy snuggles are the best!

  2. Glad you got to have family time! Hope you had fun at the race!