Monday, September 23, 2013

Finding the good

As 2013 continues on and tests my patience daily, I'm constantly reminded to stay positive and focus on the good.
  • I get to try a new happy hour tomorrow night in Minneapolis with a fun friend :)
  • I get to see Wicked with my mom on Wednesday! I splurged on tickets for her bday and the day has finally arrived! 
  • I'm off to Florida to visit my best friend for a long weekend bright and early Thursday morning! Oh and psssst, I'm getting a tattoo while I'm there :)
  • The day after I get back from Florida I'm off to NJ for 3 weeks to help out my Godmother after rotator cuff surgery. I am lucky to work remotely and have these opportunities! And I get 3 weeks with my Godsister (not a real thing but she's my Godmother's daughter who I freaking love) before she goes off to college next year! 
  • With all this travel and excitement, I'm actually looking forward to winter (GASP!! I NORMALLY FREAKING HATE MN WINTER!!). I could really use the hibernation after a year that has kinda, sorta, really kicked my ass. 
  • I just paid $234 towards my debt and put $78 into savings! It's not a lot but it bumped my savings over the $3,000 mark and I'm almost under $14,000 on the loan I'm working on. Little victories!
  • I won both of my fantasy football leagues this week :) 
  • I'm in the works of planning the most wonderful May of 2014
  • After a crazy amount of issues, Katie Pelton Resumes is finally up and running again and I can continue to grow my business (ya know, if I get spare time). 
  • The last season of HIMYM starts tonight!
  • My apartment is nearly 100% unpacked and decorated. Just in time to leave for 1 month!

Happy Monday!

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