Katie Pelton Resumes

An employer spends an average of 6 seconds looking at a resume. That's if the resume passes through the online application filter. Yikes!

The job hunt can be brutal. Everyone wants the secret on how to get those dream jobs. Although there is no set equation, I have a lot of strategies that can only help. That's where Katie Pelton Resumes comes in!
I combine my experience in marketing, journalism, leadership, and communications to promote my clients with solid resumes and cover letters. Each client gets a 30-minute consultation to ensure his or hers best skills and accomplishments are promoted and compliment desired job descriptions.

Now, anyone can go pay big bucks for a resume package. But honestly, I never would. I understand that the point of a resume is to earn income, not shell out serious money before you even have the job! I keep my costs low so everyone has a fair shot at a strong professional resume and cover letter. Take a look at my services and pricing if you're interested!

KPR also offers referral rewards so please pass along my info to job hunters you may know!

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